About Us 

At The Banner Studios, we believe that all students should feel inspired, encouraged, and challenged. We understand the importance of creativity and we are thoroughly aware of how creativity has always and will continue to change the world

We believe that art, music, dance, and theatre should be available to communities everywhere. We keep our prices reasonable, not because we undervalue our services but because we value our students and understand the impact we make. 

For families who are not financially able to afford our prices, we also work with Tuition Waiver for Youth Inc. 

Our program is designed to include more students, regardless of their ability to pay. This privilege is made possible by the hard work of our staff participation in fundraisers, and the generous donations from our community. Tuition Waivers will be granted to select students/families who agree to actively participate in class and maintain a consistent attendance record. Proceeds from our community theatre productions go towards the Tuition Waiver for the Youth program. 

Break Dance Crew
Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

The Banner Studios is named after the 2011 Broadway musical, Newsies. We believe in the power of inspiration, and it is our goal to give that gift to all our students and guests. 

Modern Dance Teacher

Our Staff


Madison Rose (Mimzy)

Studio Director

This singer, dancer, actress, and musician brings years of experience in the competition, performing arts school, and professional performance.

With a speciality in musical theatre, swing, tap, and jazz, Madison believes she can convince anybody to participate if she smiles enough and doesn't leave them alone. 

Madison/Maddi/Mimzy thinks she's hilarious and has been carrying the banner since she was 7 years old

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Benjamin Haunschild

Tech Design

Benjamin is our on-site tech worker working mainly in our theatre productions. Ben is also tumbling safety certified.

Benjamin is our on site tech worker working mainly in our theatre productions. Ben is also tumbling safety certified.


Tiffany Thornton

Stage Management/TWY Coordinator

Tiffany is a mom, homeschooler, performer, and director. Tiffany jumps into all projects at The Banner, often bringing her children along to expose them to the arts and participate as a family.

Tiffany is also joining Camp Super Heck Yeah for the first time this year, and we are delighted to have her extraordinary help, and constant positivity for the 2020 season!

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Jakoby Pentzer

Dance Theatre Lead/Volunteer 

Jakoby joins The Banner with over 10 years of dance training, 37 productions, and years of voice lessons under his belt. Providing much needed assistance to newer dancers who join us, and lending his talent to any show we put on within our community theatre, Jakoby has been invaluable to our team! Jakoby also uses his knowledge to provide workshops for young dancers.