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Due to COVID-19 our 2019/2020 season has been cut short. We dearly miss our students and look forward to serving you all again soon!
Please contact us for information on upcoming summer workshops, Tuition Waiver for Youth Inc., or Camp Super Heck Yeah!. 
Camp replaces summer daycare for many families, and we have begun this program as of June 3rd. Contact us to get involved!   

Camp Super Heck Yeah! 

Greetings from The Banner!

We began our mission with a mind to change lives through theatre, dance, music, and art. 

We came together not just with the expertise needed to teach young minds, but with the mindset that believes that these kids are capable of anything they set their minds to. We hire the type of individuals who know the impact our services can have on young people, and who care about giving the gift of inspiration. Through community and fellowship, The Banner Studios has grown to be a top-level studio providing classes, competitive teams, productions, and our acclaimed summer camp program, recommended in a personal review by educational specialist Dr. Pamela Harris, Ed. S.

We are overjoyed to be preparing for our third season of C-SHY. Affectionately named by our first batch of adventure-seeking, art-loving campers, Camp Super Heck Yeah is the best way to spend these hot Idaho summer days for children age 5-12. We enjoy river trips, lake picnics, hiking, and park visits, while working together on a musical theatre production as a team. An overnight camp trip is also available once per month with an outdoor cooking workshop and a challenge to entertain ourselves without electronics!

Our older kids (age 13+) often find their place with us as camp staff or junior staff members. Junior staff assist the younger kids in activities and allow every camper to receive specialized instruction that they deserve. Junior staff attends camp for free. Camp staff (16+) are paid, and learn valuable work skills while enjoying a rewarding summer of fun.

Natural science is explored through our numerous outdoor activities, learning about the plants and wildlife that inhabit our amazing state. Through gardening projects, sewing costumes, set design, and set construction, our campers leave with practical skills that they will utilize as they grow older and become more independent. Our campers learn to read music and experiment with instruments, while gaining a sense of rhythm and coordination through our daily dance and yoga exercises. Music and dance stimulate all regions of the cerebral cortex and engage every area of the brain. This type of education has been linked to high academic achievement in all areas of core study. Our regular swimming, hiking, and water activities keep our kids active and allows them to enjoy their exercise time, and release built up energy without the structure and rules of our classroom.

At C-SHY, we aim to address nutritional needs within the community by providing breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily. Whether campers are paid participants or full TWY scholarship recipients, a healthy meal is available each day. In a town where over 64% of families are living in poverty, it is our goal to allow children from all families to participate in appropriate recreation, educational engagement, and the overall camp experience that may otherwise be unavailable to children from low-income families.

Campers of all ages will find their fit with our loving staff and our wide range of activities. There is something for everyone, and everyone is welcome.



Join us for memorable times in this wonderful state of ours, and catch your star performer in their Banner debut at our end of camp performance. This season, we are working on ANNIE the musical. This classic has memorable songs, and a heartwarming story that will delight the whole family.

C-SHY Creative Contest 2020

Coming Summer 2020 - ANNIE

We are currently holding a friendly contest for our campers! Our theme is "I LOVE Idaho!"

Send us an essay, poem, drawing, painting, photo, skit, dance routine, or anything that inspires YOU

Multiple submissions will be accepted.


Prizes include camp scholarships and local gift cards

Please include your contestant's name, age, and guardian contact information.

Submit entries to management@thebannerstudios.com 


Community Theather

Welcome to Our Community 

The Banner Studios is first and foremost a community-based organization. Our core business goal is to provide creative arts programs for people of all ages. 
Some roles/responsibilities within our theater productions are paid, but the most important aspect of putting on an excellent show is the dedication and kindness of our performers and crew.

Please contact us for an appointment to audition for upcoming productions or for details on our compensated positions/roles.




Video auditions are accepted - but we'd much rather shake your hand and see you in person! 


Tuition Waiver for Youth INC

Tuition Waiver for Youth Inc is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization designed to provide financial assistance for children wishing to pursue dance, music, theatre, and art.
We are proud to partner with The Banner Studios to assist their efforts to engage children in the world of creativity. 

Applications for financial assistance from our program are available in the attached link. 

For more information on what we do, how to partner with us for your business, or for tax information, send us a message anytime at twynampa@thebannerstudios.com

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